Indigitus Router Startup

The Indigitus dVPN Smart Router is a 3-1 solution providing you with a blazing fast internet connection, as well as the security and privacy of a decentralised virtual private network, all while generating you passive income by mining cryptocurrency.

We are in a digital age, it is about digital world and staying on top of those in a computer network. We will soon all be on the grid, in the network - and this is a system to represent the people’s interests once our brains are all uploaded.

Since early 2021, the team has been preparing for this time: To let the world know we are building a hardware product on top of dWeb.

We have been in the Sentinel (DVPN) community and have seen the amazing power the community has. The usage at speak for themselves - PEOPLE are using this product. The feedback on the app stores are good, there are white label VPN solutions in the market.

But we didn’t see hardware available.

A lightbulb went off - this is our duty - and the team created Indigitus - a hardware product brand to build products for Sentinel and other dWeb protocols.

Tired of people controlling the narrative from the top, from browsers to governments to corporations. What you can or cannot see. Based on your location.

Our children cannot wake up to a world like where we currently live.

They need to be able to access knowledge and information equally - regardless of race, income, demographic, geographic location.

And we believe the first product (in a long list of products to come) at Indigitus will help make that move. Partnering with Sentinel - we have the power of the people, the power of blockchain, to truly make a plug and play router that gives you internet freedom - and REWARDS.

Yes, a router that you plug in, or give your grandma that can:

  • Access the internet, regardless of your location
  • Earn DVPN tokens for allowing others on the Sentinel blockchain to use your node.

We are all helping one another - to access information from various endpoints (locations) around the world.

We see a global map of these nodes, allowing other users to access that location, and to give and take rewards.

Indigitus | Assembly Walk Through of dVPN Router