AMA of dVPN Router Launch

Sentinel x Indigitus AMA Recap

Thank you to @michelini, @DanExidio and everyone who joined the Sentinel x Indigitus AMA yesterday. Special congratulations to the four $DVPN winners in the AMA giveaway! πŸ†

The integration with the Indigitus Router will greatly expand the Sentinel ecosystem to allow users globally to monetize their bandwidth and access websites built on Handshake. The Indigitus website along with additional product specifications will be released in the following weeks followed by pre-order processes.

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On Wednesday, June 7, 2021 at 3pm UTC, we will be hosting an AMA about the kickoff of the hardware router on top of Sentinel protocol.

AMA outline:

Road to monetization - significance and where we are at

Hardware - why is the hardware being added to the plan

What will the hardware do?

Node, client, hns resolver

How much will it cost

How much will it earn

Where can I buy it

It will be launched on Indiegogo soon, you can signup for the waiting list + get a special bonus when it launches -at

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