Indigitus Ambassador Update – Sept, 2021

Hey Indigitus Ambassador team, it’s been a while since our last update and we wanted to catch everyone up to speed on what’s happening with the business. We appreciate you and the rest of the ambassador's ongoing support as we prepare this first-ever Indigitus miner for the market.

We’ve been extremely busy working on the business and we feel it’s time to tune in the ambassadors on the current development status. The original router design we’ve needed to pivot away from due to a hardware-software integration issue. As a team we’ve been working closely with the Sentinel team and looking over the many options we have moving forward. We decided that even though we have opened a sample order of the first 200 units for this design, the overall challenge of ensuring complete compatibility and the miner functioning as a fully plug and play solution was not satisfactory to our standards. So we’ve decided to eat the cost for the greater good of pushing forward on our mission to make a completely streamlined, fully functional, plug and play miner solution for our ambassadors. The amount of energy and effort by our team engineers working hand-in-hand with the Sentinel foundations has been extensive, and the results have been exciting.

We’re now working on a new router design that we believe meets all our standards we’ve set as a company and we’re anticipating a more scalable end-product that will meet or exceed our ambassadors and future customers expectations. With that noted, the timeline is the next question. As this new development will take additional time and push the delivery date out, as an early ambassador we really hope that you will stay with us through this development as a company. We are confident in our abilities as a team and we’re backed strongly by the Sentinel foundation to ensure when the Indigitus miner is released it will be one-of-a-kind. Along with that, the ambassador exclusive NFTs we’ve issued to you will be of value as we continue to build our company in the coming time. If though, you find this new development to not meet your expectations, we are more than happy as a company to offer a full refund to you, just fill out the form at and a team member will process that for you. Please note, if you are applying for a refund and stepping out as a supporting ambassador, you will also have the obligation to return the NFT issued to you, as it will be issued to a new ambassador taking the new router.

We’re super excited as a company to have you all apart of this phase as we move forward with this new router design and prepare for mass production and market rollout. As an early ambassador you will have the advantage of receiving the first Indigitus miners and having exclusive access to rewards offered as a company and first access to future products we have planned in the pipeline, which we will not be offering to later customers.

On a final note, today we had a Ambassador-Only AMA session on discord, and the question was asked about weekly updates. From now on, we’ve decided to offer updates intermittently as the project progresses. We along with the ambassadors in the AMA group mutually agreed on the value of offering high quality updates over preset weekly updates of less substance. That said, if you have interest in connecting with our team at any point, we’ll always be available and happy to assist on any questions that are outside of our FAQ we’ve setup on our site.

Thanks everyone. Until the next update…

Don + The Indigitus Team

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