Indigitus Week Update: Aug 1 – 7, 2021

We are in August! And the production of the 200 is the spotlight for our ambassadors and early supporters, still on track for mid August completion.

What we are working on:

  • Firmware integration with hardware - has been under development quite some time, and working with the hardware’s pre-installed firmware and the version under development.
  •  Tokenonics and incentives - finalizing the early backer incentive program and also adjustments on the Sentinel protocol level to identify these Indigitus routers for their special rewards.
  • IP Addresses, residential, static IP, various ISPs - discussions going and underway.
  • Photo/video shoot for launch - as mentioned last week, the white color samples (for the public launch) have arrived to Don in Thailand our partner and launch director. Videos and photos already have been made and more are coming. Sentinel gave a sneak peak here:



  • Insert card for whitelisting - making a portal for backers that can claim their whitelist redemption process. More details on this once tokenomics are released.
  • Crypto payment integration on crowdfunding campaign - many in the community want to pay by crypto but some customization in the system we are making is still underway.

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