Indigitus Week Update: Aug 15-21, 2021

Here’s a video of my day at the factory

Here’s an embed youtube video from youtube channel (follow us there as well!)

Status of the 200 Ambassador Units - Final Assembly

Final assembly is happening now and we are on track to ship this week, the week of Aug 16 the 200 ambassador units (as we said early to mid August when we announced this ambassador batch in early July)

Will do another video of the assembly process (the first video at the factory was the PCB boards being made and overview of the process).

We sent an email with a form to those ambassadors with a choice - as the software / firmware is still being finalized and will be 2 to 4 weeks away - we can ship now without the software installed and the ambassador will need to do it, or we can hold their unit in China here until software is ready and we install for them,

We are getting mostly support to ship it without the software, but they want to know the procedure for installing and want to make sure it is easy to do. So we are making instructions now and doing our best to be transparent.

Token Incentive Program

Many are asking for more clarity on the tokenomics and incentives for using an Indigitus DVPN router. We are close to making a public blog post about it and will let those 200 ambassadors know before shipping - as if there is any disinterest in it - we can easily honor a refund (before we ship).

We will do our best to make this a profitable and win-win for all parties involved (Sentinel protocol, ambassadors, and Indigitus hardware company). There are some hidden incentives we want to finalize as well to make this exciting.

Listening and Learning from You!

We really enjoy this input and feedback and already has helped us develop the product and situation to the way the community wants.

Keep it coming and we will win the dweb movement together. Blue ocean, with or without other competing protocols or hardware solutions. So much opportunity.

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