Preparing For The Launch

As we prepare to open up the launch for the Indigitus dWeb router miner - we want to make sure you are prepared in advance with some tools and knowledge.

First - yes we have been delayed on the launch - and we put it into October. This was due to a complication in the software and hardware integration on our ambassador batch run. While we want to launch as much as you do - we are here for the long term and want to ensure to make a rock solid product that can scale as the blockchain scales.

Now with that mentioned, some things to get you prepared.

Indigitus is a fan (obviously) of Sentinel protocol (DVPN) as we are building on it. You may not yet be aware of the powers of this, so today we have some highlights of how you can prepare.

1) Understand the power of the Cosmos ecosystem. Sentinel migrated from Ethereum to Cosmos earlier this year to allow it to scale. Anyone doing a transaction on Ethereum should agree, it is high gas fees and slow. Compare that to the low gas fee and speed on Cosmos - and you will start to understand the logic of that move.

That said, how to prepare?

2) Learn about Cosmos-based wallets. There are 2 main wallets for holding Sentinel.
A) Keplr - this is a Chrome/Brave browser extension that holds Sentinel as well as the majority of all Cosmos based tokens. This one is easy and no tech to install.

You can download the Keplr wallet here.

B) Sentinel’s native wallet - this is where the dVPN application will be (once desktop app is updated) , but for now is purely functioning as a wallet for DVPN token. Once Sentinel launches the desktop dVPN client, this is where users will go to buy bandwidth and usage on the dVPN blockchain.


3) NFT research on COSMOS. We have issued an ambassador level NFT to our first 200 backers, which will have powers and benefits which we will announce in a future date. We kept the NFT on Cosmos, using Uptick marketplace on the IRISnet blockchain.

But one new solution is emerging - Juno. This is the smart chain blockchain of the Cosmos ecosystem, which means NFTs and “meme coins” can be issued quickly and easily. A whole ecosystem of marketplaces and DEXes are emerging, and the main net will launch in 1 month.

We are looking to issue more NFTs for the main launch and are honing in on Juno as the platform we build these on. The ambassador NFT will convert and the new NFTs will be issued here.

4) Preparing a fair and equal way to ensure proper distribution of the Indigitus hardware miner. Many in our Telegram and Discord have been discussing a fair way on distributing the routers. We are not looking to have scalpers grabbing these and selling them on eBay - these units are meant to be sold to the end user.

We are collecting more ways and have 7 of them now - if you’d like to vote on it, you can click here.

Thank you for being here with us, your patience, and your support. Let us make history together on “unleashing the internet”

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