Tactical Investing: Week Plan for Indigitus Router – July 4 – 10, 2021

August 8, 2021 Updates

Week Plan for Indigitus Router - July 4 - 10, 2021

Last week was a wild week with a video from Tactical Investing that gained a lot of traction.

For those who missed it-

Here’s the first

And here’s a second followup, more on the staking of the token

And a third:

It is great they are so excited about what is being built here!

It is causing us to re-evaluate our entire launch strategy. While we are creating the marketing assets for the Indiegogo Campaign - discussing with Tactical Investing - as well as more and more Youtube Influencers - we feel we can do direct to consumer campaigns without Indiegogo platform (which is restrictive and has fees).

Last week the team was discussing it quite a bit, and early this week we will be having various meetings about it.

Other updates for this week:

  • Working on our second product now, reaching out with specifications and feedback.
  • Still defining the best launch video to make this product clear and concise. But with a different launch strategy - we are going to assume our consumer is more tech and crypto savvy so it is changing a bit the narrative in the video.
  • Love being transparent - believe transparency has helped a lot - and working with the amazing team and community at Sentinel and Exidio has been a huge asset and advantage.

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