Indigitus Week Update: July 18 – 24

Hot summer, and lots of hot updates!

Chris will be joining us as a partner at Indigitus, Inc and heading up the product development and software/hardware integration initiative. Already connecting with the firmware / software team and evaluating all the components of the product.

Production samples shipped from China to Thailand for Don and Jordan on the team to do the photo/video footage for the launch campaign.

New stripe account approved, re-wired the ambassador checkout to use this new one (as we had a chargeback issue last week from a confused early adopter).

US trademark filing in process for Indigitus word mark.

More talks with youtubers and influencers. Getting great feedback and support.

Hope to confirm the exact tokenomics as it is a hot topic this week.

Working on extra bonuses for early ambassador backers (not yet releasing the exact benefits, stay tuned).

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