Preparing For TestNet of Indigitus

Indigitus is excited to announce it is opening up applications for those who want to join the test net for the hardware devices. We are establishing this to have a closed network of trusted people in the community for pre-release of the live devices.

Purpose of the test network: having a test environment ecosystem for approved participants that can join and use in order to develop, test and scale the hardware and applications of Indigitus.

Program details:

  • This will include hardware provided to you for testnet
  • You will be in close contact with engineers and others in the test net
  • Incentives - we will have incentives for those contributing to the testnet, details to follow. But do not do this simply for incentives, this is for the security and scalability of the network.

Application requirements:

  • Current Indigitus Ambassadors get priority
  • Agree to provide identity documents (KYC) once approved to join test net
  • Availability to check the network regularly
  • Locations / networks - we are looking for a diverse location and network configuration distribution for testing.

Code Required to apply (ambassador only for now)

Indigitus testnet is an invitation to participate, not a cause to pump & dump.

With the launch of Indigitus hardware testnet, we are closer than ever to deploying a scalable hardware solution that allows users to have a plug and play hardware device to earn Sentinel rewards, while also following security requirements and scale.

We’re thankful for the greater community’s ongoing support at Indigitus and Sentinel and the Cosmos ecosystem. We remain humble and work hard at delivering a top notch and secure, scalable hardware device.

Testnet Terms (more terms will be shared to those approved to join the test net)

You shall not:

  1. Upload, submit, or transmit any content that is illegal, infringing, harmful, offensive, or inappropriate in our opinion on this testnet
  2. Engage in any conduct that offends, interferes with, obstructs, or otherwise creates any unpleasant experience of other users of the testnet
  3. Circumvent or attempt to circumvent any access or functionality restrictions or limitations that are operational in relation to any test net service
  4. Use any Services in any illegal activity or in the furtherance of any illegal activity on this test network
  5. Permit anyone other than your authorized users (to be notified to us) to use our test net under your account or on your behalf
  6. Place any unreasonable load on, or engage in any network or system attacks (including but not limited to denial of service (DoS) attacks, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks or brute force attacks) against any of the systems or networks that support or operate any of our test nets.
  7. Engage in any behavior that may interfere with the proper operation and functioning of any test net
  8. Imply or state that you are affiliated with or involved in the administration, operation, development, or management of our test network
  9. Use bots or other automated means or methods to access or use our testnet
  10. Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, decipher, or otherwise attempt to derive any non-public information or materials related to the test network and the associated software, system, or other technologies
  11. Access or attempt to access any source code from the test network. Nor share anything publicly.
  12. Indigitus reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to block, prevent or restrict any user from using any our of test netss as we deem appropriate. In particular, we may block, prevent, or restrict access to and use of any test net service by any known or suspected criminals or any person from any country that is involved or implicated in any sanctions program in any jurisdiction. To the extent permitted by laws, we may also adopt any access blocking or access restriction mechanisms, such as IP address geo-blocking, for any test user as we deem fit.

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