Indigitus Week Update: July 25 – 31, 2021

Last week had a few calls with various Youtube channels which is always fun and exciting.

Also diving deeper and deeper into the hardware and software integration with various engineers in the team.

Production samples have arrived to Don in Thailand for the video and photo shoot which has been a long time coming and we are pumped! With these in hand, more videos and photos and content will be coming soon. We also built out a mini kickstarter style site on Indigitus (coming soon) that will be where the launch will happen.

As many know, there is a shortage still of IC chips in the router (as well as global) that may delay the 200 units a bit - but what we are doing is procuring these chips from our own suppliers and sources. Besides the IC chip, the mid-August date is on track for the 200 ambassador unit order.

Also working on special incentives and gifts for these amazing ambassadors and early backers.


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