Indigitus Week Update: Sept 5 to 11, 2021

Happy Labor Day to our American supporters! Here in China it is a normal day of business and our team is hard at work on the first batch of ambassador units for you guys.

A quick summary of the status now:

  • Parts, Chips, Parts for the assembly: complete, 200 units in our possession for final assembly.
  • Software/firmware currently installed on the boards: 0/200.
  • Last week we mentioned the complications of installing the firmware on these units. We continue to work on solutions for installing the software and will keep everyone updated as things progress on our side.

A big thanks to our community ambassador member, Jon Jones in the UK; Jon gave great feedback and videos from his own learnings - such as one on the StrongBlock interest to integrate to hardware.

Here’s a screenshot of his chat:


We’ve also noted a number of comments in the community about if the router will work with the Helium network:


And there are members who have shared videos from users of other protocols upset that there is no protection / white listing on their IP.


So again, while we as a team, we hope our ambassadors will recognize the importance of the matter at hand as we work as a team to integrate a fully functional plug and play router solution. We take what we do seriously so we have no interest in hacking together a sub par product and shipping it out, as some companies have done.

I have been on-site at the production, we are discussing with the Sentinel protocol and top talent software engineers and OPEN wrt experts working around the globe to make the most scalable solution possible.

We also want to encourage the community to give your feedback and input in the group as we do look over and consider the suggestions as a team.

Demand is still extremely strong, with users consistently asking us when they can purchase their unit.

We are in this game for the long term, our team is public facing and committed to success in development of this hardware-firmware solution, providing users with a fully decentralize internet that offers surfing freedom.

This week, we will work on an AMA with ambassadors only in the private discord channel to share with them and hear from them. We want to continue to be transparent and keep everyone on the same page as we move forward.

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