Indigitus Week Update: Aug 29 – Sept 4, 2021

We hope the early ambassador program supporters have received their NFTs. There are some questions about the iOS app and others, but we are happy to see other ambassador-only channel in the Discord stepping in to assist. If you are still having trouble redeeming your Indigitus Ambassador NFT, please do not hesitate to reach out.

For the product, we are still knee deep in the integration of software, protocol, and hardware. Mike has been to the production line and engineering room in China last week and again this week - while also talking to talented developers around the world.

Jon Jones in the Indigitus Telegram shared some great input and videos about Strong Block and also supports Indigitus to make things right even if it means it may take more time. There are some hints about this but first Mike wants to see the developers, visit the factory, and talk to the ambassadors this week before making announcements on this.

The incentive program, we are awaiting the Sentinel Foundation for making a blog post on this and it is in draft form. Once they announce it formally, we as Indigitus can then comment and add to it.

While everyone is excited about mining their bandwidth - we hope we all keep our eye on the true prize - a more decentralized internet. This is what Indigitus is all about and this is what we are working on to make sure is done right.

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